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soulsonic: A Bleach RPG
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soulsonic is a Bleach Alternate-Universe RPG that started some time after the Menos Grande Saga. We loosely following the series and will probably wind up rewriting the story for better or worse (probably the latter). Crack is welcome and highly encouraged. None of us around here are hardly ever serious. And yes, this RPG is het/yaoi/yuri friendly.  If you do not support or at least tolerate any one of the three then please, do not apply.


1.) No personal drama is to get in the way of the game. If I see any of this, I will ban you in a heartbeat and we will find a replacement for your character. If you have beef with another player, contact one of the mods and we will be happy to assist. Act your age, not your shoe size.

2.) No more than three characters per person.  Exceptions can and will be made based on a player's ability (ie, if we see that you can handle three just fine and have the time/energy/motivation for more, then you may apply for another character). 

3.) Extreme inactivity is unacceptable. Post in your character journal at least once every two weeks. Everyone has lives outside of ye olde internet but if you do not have enough time to post then why join an RPG at all? (This rule will not be strictly enforced and will be based on whether or not the mods have enough time themselves to do their modly duty to ride your bum if we see you not posting.)

4.) Absolutely no flaming/character bashing/homophobia/heterophobia or anything of the kind! Leave everyone to their own devices and just try to have fun.

5.) If you are going to be absent from the RPG for more than two weeks, please be courteous enough to inform one of the mods. We will gladly hold your character for you until you return.

6.) Actual roleplay is done over IM. Group scenes are done in chatrooms. All roleplay is to be done in third-person narrative format. It's just easier for others to read that way.

7.) If you are not aactively participating in the RPG please, PLEASE, do not request to join the community.  The community is for RPG members only and you will not be accepted.

8.) HAVE FUN.  If the RPG becomes a chore or an obligation, you are free to leave!  !e understand that there is life outside the internet and if you become too busy or simply lose interest in the game, then please inform one of the mods.  No hard feelings, these things happen.


Comment on the first post in the community with the following information:

>>The character you are applying for.
>>Your name.
>>Your age. (For curiosity's sake, mostly.  You will NOT be denied if underage, so don't worry.)
>>Your AIM screenname (you can use your personal s/n or make a character s/n for RP, it doesn't matter).
>>Your LJ username.
>>Your character's LJ username.
>>And finally, a sample LiveJournal post written in first person, as your character. Doesn't have to be relevant to the RPG itself, just has to be some kind of proof that you know your character well enough to play them.

And that's all there is to it. Have fun!


AIM: FullmetalShinobi
LJ: pyroclastica

AIM: Nerena0Dren0
LJ: miharu_chan

AIM: LastQuincyArcher
LJ: sexytwist


Kurosaki Ichigo

AIM: edotensei21

LJ: kurosakikun

Kuchiki Rukia

AIM: Nerena0Dren0

LJ: chappytheusagi

Inoue Orihime

AIM: daydreamhime

LJ: daydreamhime

Ishida Uryuu

AIM: LastQuincyArcher

LJ: hate_shinigami

Urahara Kisuke

AIM: SandalHat Vendor

LJ: sandalhatguy

Kuchiki Byakuya

AIM: SendouZakura

LJ: byaku

Ichimaru Gin

AIM: BloodyRed Apple

LJ: ichimaru_

Abarai Renji

AIM: D3vilchan

LJ: renji_kun

Kurosaki Karin

AIM: no fallen tears

LJ: never_cries

Kurosaki Yuzu

AIM: OMG Obito

LJ: nurse_yuzu_chan


AIM: DarkLittleAibou

LJ: mod_soul_kon

Shihouin Yoruichi

AIM: onekickasscat

LJ: onekickasscat

Hitsugaya Toushirou

AIM: CaptShirouchan

LJ: stellardendrite

Hinamori Momo

AIM: Nerena0Dren0

LJ: momo_hinamori

Kurosaki Isshin

AIM: SendouZakura

LJ: ichigo_papa

Kyouraku Shunsui

AIM: Akira Nanimoyo

LJ: sake_and_sakura


AIM: HeartHimeChan

LJ: inoue_obsessed

Arisawa Tatsuki

AIM: TomboyTatsuki

LJ: tomboytatsuki





































*We are in dire need of a Chad or any of Ichigo's classmates. If you apply for any of these characters you will be worshipped. *-*